5 Beautiful Beaches in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of India with the second longest coastline among all states of the country. The state is blessed with varied beauty of landscapes, flora and fauna. The place is also one of the most popular beach destination of India. We have listed some of the best and most beautiful beaches of the state below.

Marina Beach:

Marina Beach is the second largest beach in the world extending to a length of 13 kms from St. George Fort to Mahabalipuram. This is also listed in the longest beaches of the world. It is the longest beach in Asia. This is an urban natural beach and is located at 3 kms from Chennai city centre. It is a breathtaking experience to watch sunrise and sunset here. Travellers can also enjoy the beauty of the shores by horse riding. Swimming and bathing here is restricted as it is dangerous because of the undercurrent being turbulent and disordered. It is also one of the surfing beaches in India.

Covelong Beach:

Covelong (Kovalam) is a fishing village located at about 40 kms from Chennai. The beach is situated on the East Coast Road on the way to mahabalipuram. The attractive and uplifting palm trees, shining white sand with fascinating and colourful sea-shells, the scenic beauty of the place makes it a well-known tourist destination. The beach is famous for its fishing activities. Tourist can indulge in water sports such as mid-sea dive, surfing and swimming here. Another main tourist attraction here is the Catholic church.

Mahabalipuram Beach:

Mahabalipuram / Mamallapuram beach is located at about 60 kms from Chennai. This is a major historical / heritage site in the state. The place is famous for its shore temples built in 7th century. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the second capital of the Pallava Kings of Kanchipuram. It is known for its historical monuments, sulptures, scenic beauty, culture and tradition. The best time to visit is from October to March while the peak season is from November to February.

Kanyakumari Beach:

Kanyakumari is the most popular tourist destination of South India. This is the southern most tip pf Indian mainland. It is the place where Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal meet. The main tourist attractions here are the huge statue of Thiruvalluvar and the Swami Vivekananda Rock. The town is famous for its beautiful beaches, temples, monuments and cultural centers. The city is also famous for its distinctive culture and hospitality of the people. There are also many temples here built in Dravidian style of architecture.

Rameshwaram Beach:

Rameshwaram Beach is mainly a pilgrimage centre of Hindus. This is an island located off the mainland. The water here on the coastline is shallow and hence best for bathing and taking walks along the shore line. This beach is famous for the longest bridge that has ever been constructed over the sea. The famous Rameshwaram temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located near the beach. According to Ramayana, this is the place where Lord Rama worshiped Lord Shiva and invaded Lanka. This is an ideal beach for swimming and sunbathing.

There are many holiday rental accommodations available near to all these beaches such as resort, homestays, and cottages ensuring comfortable stay for its travellers. 

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