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Mizoram is one of the North-eastern states of India. This is a beautiful state with dramatic landscape and pleasant climate. The name ‘Mizoram’ means 'land of the hill people'. The State has its own rules and regulations. Most of the businesses open early and shut by 6pm; virtually everything closes tight on Sunday. Travellers need to register at the Office of the Superintendent of Police in Aizawl during arrival. Domestic tourists require a temporary Inner Line Permit, issued for Rs 170/- on arrival at Aizawl airport. Foreign tourists are required to obtain an 'inner line permit' under the special permit before their visit. The permit can be obtained from Indian missions abroad for a limited number of days or direct from Mizoram Government authorities within India.


The State is known for its bird diversity. There are about 21 major peaks of varied heights here. High hills and breathtaking valleys along with rivers and lakes make Mizoram one of the best holiday destinations of North East.






Hmuifang is a small hill station situated near Aizawl. It is located at a height of 1,619 m above sea level. The hill station is surrounded by dense forest cover.  Here, you can get to see a variety of flora and fauna including a number of rare orchids.


The main festival celebrated in this region is the Mizo festival. It is celebrated in Thalfavang Kut. During this festival the tribal people perform dances like Chheihlam, Sawlakai and Cheraw. Some of the villages that can offer a unique experience to the tourists are Hmuifang village, Sumsuih village, Lamchhip village and Chamring village. This is a harvest festival that is usually celebrated in the month of November.


Adventure seekers can go for Mountain biking, hiking, biodiversity trekking and also nature walks in the hill station. The local delicacies of this place are different varieties of pork dishes.


The other nearby tourist attraction is the Phawngpui Peak. This mountain peak is renowned for its numerous orchids and rhododendrons. It is also the highest mountain peak of the state. This is located at an elevation of 2,157 metres above sea level. The largest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram called Dampa Tiger Reserve, Murlen National Park, Vantawng Falls, Lakes like Palak Dil and Tam Dil are some of the other places of interest for tourists visiting Hmuifang.


The nearest airport in Aizawl is Lengpui Airport and the nearest railway station is Bairabi Rail Junction.






Reiek is a beautiful hill station of the State located about 12 kms from Aizawl. The hill station is surrounded by picturesque valleys and hills on all sides. It is located at an elevation of 1,548 m above mean sea level. The place has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Reiek is a hill station in the North-eastern State of Mizoram in India. The main activities to do here are trekking and bird watching.


The most characteristic feature of Reiek is that it houses a village that is modelled on the basis of typical customs and traditions of the Mizo tribal people. These villages have been set up to show case the beauty and rich history of Reiek to the world. It consists of traditional huts of the Mizo tribes, the house of Mizo Chieftain, a bachelor’s dormitory, etc.


The main places to visit in and around Reiek are the Phawngpui Peak known for its numerous orchids and rhododendrons, thehe largest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram called Dampa Tiger Reserve, Murlen National Park, Vantawng Falls, Lakes like Palak Dil and Tam Dil.


The main festival here is the Anthurium Festival. During this festival, the Anthurium flowers are arranged in a spectacular design to attract the tourists who come here from far across the globe. This festival is funded by the Central Government and is an important promotional activity by the tourism department to encourage the inflow of tourists to the place. Since Reiek is situated within the dense forest areas, there is no dearth of wildlife here. Various exotic varieties of birds that exclusively reside in the hilly areas can be witnessed here. The main activities to do here are trekking, nature walks, and bird-watching.


In Reiek also the main local delicacies are pork dishes garnished with the local spices and herbs. The best time to visit here is the summer season. The nearest railway station is Bairabi Railway Junction and the nearest airport is at Aizawl.


There are many holiday homes in Mizoram such as resorts, cottages and homestays in Mizoram the rooms are like cottages and tourists can enjoy picturesque scenes of the mountains from these rooms itself.

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