Best Hill Stations in Meghalaya

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Meghalaya is one of the beautiful states of India. The word ‘Meghalaya’ literally means ‘The Abode of Clouds’. The majority portion of the State is mountainous region, with some highland plateaus and valleys. The State is richly blessed with flora and fauna. Most of its forest covers famous for its teak tress and sal trees. There are many beautiful lakes and some of great ancient caves. The state is also famous for its orchids and has more than 300 variants of the flower.


The State provides the best nature trek through rain forests to the river front at the bottom of the valley, to living root bridges which are exclusive to the place in the entire world. The best season time for trekking, camping and caving opportunities are the dry months from November to February. Some of the best trekking routes here are the Living Root Bridge, Kyllang Rock, David Scott Trail, and Sohpet-bneng. Adventure enthusiasts can go for trekking, camping, caving, rock climbing, water sports such as sailing, water skiing, angling and canoeing. The best hill stations in Meghalaya are Shillong, Cherrapunji, and Jowai.






Shillong is a beautiful hill station of the State. This is the capital city of the State. The hill station is located at an altitude of 1,525 m above sea level. The beautiful mountains, dense forest, lush greenery and pollution free atmosphere adds to the beauty of the hill station. The pleasant climate and scenic beauty makes it a perfect tourist destination. There are many beautiful Mountain peaks, Lakes, and gardens in the hill station.


The main places of visit here are the Shillong Peak, Cherrapunji, Sohpetbneng Peak and Lady Hydari Park.  Shillong Peak is a beautiful picnic spot offering the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Cherrapunji is a nearby hill station having many tourist attractions such as beautiful water falls and limestone caves. Sohpetbneng Peak provides a view which is simply awesome from an elevation of 1343 m. Lady Hydari Park is a beautiful park with a mini zoo.


The main things to do here are visiting the Umaim lake created by the Umiam river which is famous for water sports. You can also visit the rolling meadows of Shillong Golf Course bordered by pine trees and enjoy a boat-ride on the Ward’s Lake.


There are a number of restaurants here serving a wide variety of Chinese, Tibetan and Indian food. The best season time to visit is from September to May. Shillong is well connected by road. The nearest Airport and railway station is at Guwahati.






Cherrapunji is one of the beautiful hill stations of the State located at an altitude of 1,484 m above sea level in the East Khasi Hills. This is one of the wettest places in the world due to heavy rainfall through the year. There are numerous waterfalls, limestone caves and a large number of sightseeing places and parks here. The place receive the highest rainfall in the world.


The main tourist attractions here are  Dain-Thlen Falls, Noh-Kalikai Falls, Noh-Sngithiang Falls,Mawsmai Cave, Thangkharang Park, Khoh Ramhah, Living root Bridge, Rama Krishna Mission Museum, First Presbyterian Church, Tombs of Welsh Missionaries, Khoh Ramhah / Pillar Rock, Double Decker Root Bridge, and Kynrem Falls.


The most interesting thing to do here is the trek to the Nohkalikai Falls. You can’t make a spontaneous visit to the bottom of the falls, it involves a difficult trek over several days through the forest. Travellers can also opt a trek to Double Decker Living Root bridge in Nongriat village.


The climate of Cherrapunji is pleasant and comfortable throughout the year. The best season time to visit the hill station is from March to June and September to November because the weather is pleasant and also can enjoy the scenic beauty of the valleys around. Cherrapunji is well connected by road transport. There is no railway station in and around the hill station. The nearest airport is at Shillong.






Jowai is an important hill station of the State. The majority population inhabiting here is the tribal population of Pnar clan. The hill station is located at a height of around 1,380 m above sea level. The place enjoys a pleasant climate all through the year. The most important tourist spot here is the Indo-Bangladesh border, situated at a distance of about 50 km from here. By visiting this remote hill station, you can watch a perfect representation of tribal lifestyle.


The main places to visit near Jowai includes the Presbyterian Church, Thadlaskein Lake, Lalong Park, Nartiang Monoliths, and Syntu Ksiar.


Adventure enthusiasts can go for trekking. You can also visit the temples and understand the lifestyle of the tribal people.


The best season time to visit Jowai is from February to May. The nearest railway station and airport is at Guwahati.


There are many holiday homes in Meghalaya such as resorts, holiday cottages, homestays, and guest houses that provide comfortable accommodation along with excellent view and experience to travellers who come for sightseeing.

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