Activities: Must Do Things in Munnar for an Exciting Holiday

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The twisting roads of the most famous hilly retreat, Munnar in Kerala, are heterogeneous trails to some of the most exciting and rejuvenating things to do. They take you to the must do things in Munnar, which surrounds the lush nature, prospering tea plantations, thriving flora and fauna, and gushing streams. 

So, activities in Munnar are an assortment of most wanted or expected things to do at a hill station. Right from exploring the never-ending sprawls of tea and spice plantations to trekking some great peaks and taking a tour of wildlife ecosystem, the activities in Munnar can make you create a long to-do list. So, it is worth planning for a stay of few days here, instead of just two or three. Below are some of the must do things in Munnar for your next trip:

1. Greet the Nilgiri Tahr

The long-winded Shola forests in the extensive yet the most visited Eravikulam National Park is the habitat of the endangered mountain goat with a brown coat. Well, this is Nilgiri Tahr whom you can greet by a bumpy ridetaking you to the foothills and then hiking up to spot one. 

This climb is a bit challenging but the reward is worth grabbing, as you get a chance to spot more than 100 endemic species of birds and animals such as gaurs, wild dogs, and jungle cats as well. 

The mountain goats are friendlyand naturally tamed. So, do not miss a chance to pat one or take a pose with them. 

2. Spend a Night in a Tree House

For those who are excited to stay in the most bizarre but eco-friendly way, staying in a tree house is one of the top activities in Munnar. Locally known as Erumadam, this is a natural home composed of natural materials such as straw, hair, and bamboo and resides at a height from the ground. 

Consider staying in a house at Dream Catcher Plantation Resort, which is amidst spice and tea plantations away at 19 km. Neither food is served inside nor can you smoke or drink for retaining its natural charm. 

3. Explore the Tea Estates of Kolukkumalai Hills

This estate at 7900 ft is perhaps one of the highest plantations on the planet, emitting arevitalizing aroma of the classicbeverage. The meandering road along the hills takes you to this estate, the journey through which itself is jaw dropping. 

Two must do things in Munnar are concentrated Packing some world-famousflavored tea leaves and taking a tour of a century old tea factory to know the conventional techniques of producing tea.

4. Trek to Reach a High Elevation Point

Munnar is a heaven for adventure and fitness enthusiasts. If you love trekking, consider reaching the Top Station (highest point) and Echo Point, which is among the most favorite activities in Munnar.  The former trek is exhaustive but rewarding with its panoramic views. [See Highest peaks in Kerala & Munnar ]

5. Search for the Rarest Neelakurinji Flowers or Enjoy a Boating Ride

While reaching Top Station, do visit Asia’s first arch dam, the Kundala dam along with its lake. If you are lucky, the rare Neelakurinji flowers budding once in every 12 years can be your most exciting sight. You can even choose to enjoy a Kashmiri-style shikara boating ride.

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