Things to Do in Fort Kochi

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Fort Kochi is where the Kerala’s indigenous culture and colonial history seem to come live right from the market streets to the boutique hotels. Choose it as your starting point for a laid-back experienceand away from the bustling urban atmosphere. If you are a cultural buff, it is recommended staying in one of the holiday homes or homestays where you can experience both food and ethnicity in the most authentic way. 


One of the most exciting things to do here is strolling down the Bazaar Roadto the Jew Town. It is long but worthy if you love to explore the ruins of British warehouses, walls showing artistic graffiti, royal portraits in the Dutch Palace, relics of Jewish homes still showing the Star of David, and a strong smell of spices.


Next, you can hang out in one of the art-rich, cozy cafes. While there are many, the most enticing one is the Kashi Café where sipping coffee with a pastry (huge size) and observing the art works are what all tourists enjoy.


After a half-day tour, unwinding by attending a local dance and art performance at the Kerala Kathakali Centre is highly recommended. This is where you can enjoy Kathakali, Kalaripayattu (martial arts), Theyyam, or other traditional music and dance performances on any day.


For heritage lovers, walking on the Muzris Trail is a must. Muzris was a significant port on the famous spice route but is now inside the sea. It is full of ancient temples, mosques, and synagogues. For the adventurers, their travel is incomplete without cycling or kayaking in Fort Kochi. 

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