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    Raichak is a small town of West Bengal. This place is mostly preferred by travelers from Kolkata. The best time to visit here are the months of October and November. The calm and pleasant climate of Raichak makes it one of the best places in West Bengal to relax and rejuvenate. There is a fort here built by the Dutch during the 18th century. The place became known to the outside world with the development of Haldia. The town acts as a link between Haldia and Calcutta.

    Diamond Harbour here is the place where the Hooghly River meets the Bay of Bengal. The name Diamond Harbour was given by the British. This was considered a safe resting spot for ocean going ships. The place also offers a beautiful view of the river.  There are many holiday guest houses available here in the port offering a perfect stay for the travelers and thereby making it a favourite picnic spot in Raichak. There is an ashram of Sharisha Ramakrishna Mission near the Diamond Harbour.

    Kukrahati is a small place located on the bank of the Hooghly river. It is the gateway to the port and industrial city of Haldia.

    Chingrihkali Fort is an ancient fort which once served as a refuge of the Portuguese pirates. This Fort is now in ruins. There is an ancient lighthouse here.

    Raichak Fort here was constructed by the British East India Company. This fort is built in Anglo-Indian style.  This fort was built to serve as a guard against pirates arriving to the town by river. The ruined fort has been now converted into a 5-star hotel, Radisson Fort. Here you can find a clock, a grand piano, perfume bottles and swords of British period.

    Joynagar is a small township of Raichak. This place is famous for its collection of manuscripts, terracotta figurines and black stone images of Buddha, Mahavir and Vishnu which dates from the 11th and 12th centuries. The collection is known as Kalidas Dutta's collection.

    Gadiara is located at the meeting point of the Damodar, the Rupnarayan and the Hooghly Rivers. There is a fort here built by the British during the 18th century to guard the entrance of the river against river pirates.

    There are many holiday homes, guest houses, apartments, etc. in Raichak offering comfortable stay enjoying the scenic view of the Hooghly river. You can have boat rides also in the river.

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