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    Villupuram is the second largest district of Tamil Nadu. The place has many tourist spots which are more than hundred years old. There are many tourist spots which are more than hundred years old. There are mnay famous ancient temples, mosques and churches here.

    The main places to visit here are:

    Gingee Fort: The fort is nestled on three hills enclosed by a huge defensive wall. The ruined forts, temples and granaries here stand as a silent speaker of the numerous invasions, warfare and bravery of a glorious past. The large defensive walls here interconnect the three unreachable hills – Krishnagiri, Chakkilidrug and Rajagiri.  The tops of the three hills form sevured forts, while the inner fort contains many defensive walls and gates. The Rajagiri fort is the highest, about 800 ft in height.

    Kalyana Mahal is one of the most attractive ruins in the fort. The Mahal consists of a square court, surrounded by rooms for the ladies of the Governors household. There is a 27 meter high square stone tower, in the middle of this court.  The rooms here are similar to those of Vijayanagara buildings.

    Venugopala Swamy Temple here has a remarkable sculpture of Lord Krishna and is located to the west of the inner gate of the lower defensive wall. There is a watch tower on the top of the rakagiri Fort.

    Outside the lower fort, there is a Hanuman temple. You can see many impressive structures and ponds on the way to the Hanuman temple. Te two famous ponds here are Chakkarakulam and Chettikulam.

    The famous Ranganatha Temple is also located here.  The temple is built in typical Indo-Islamic style.

    At the entrance of the inner fort of Rajagiri is the Sad-at-Ullah Khan mosque built by Sad-at-Ullah Khan to commemorate the victory over De Singh and the capture of the fort in 1713 A.D.

    On the way to the huge defensive wall of Rajgiri Hill is the small shrine of Kamalakkani Amman (Goddess Durga). You can also find here an ancient Chola temple which is about 1500 years old. The temple is dedicated to Sri Abiramaeshwarar. There is also an ancient temple of Lord Nagamman.

    At Thalavanur, there is an ancient rock cut temple built by the pallava king Mahendra Varman. Here you can see many sculptures as well as Tamil and Sanskrit inscriptions.

    There are many years old temples here which you can visit to know the glorious past of the city. The best time to visit here is from October to March.

    The nearest railway station to Villupuram is Villupuram and the nearest airport to Villupuram is Pondicherry Airport. Just 37 kms from Villupuram is Pondicherry.

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