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Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the only hill staton in the desert state of Rajasthan. The hill station lies in the Aravalli mountain ranges. The naturally diverse landscapes of lakes, rivers, and evergreen forests despite being close to the desert area are the specialties of the hill station. This is also a perfect place to enjoy adventure and eco-tourism.

The main tourist places to visit in Mount Abu are:

  1. Dilwara Jain Temples: The temples are located at a distance of about 2.5 kms from Mount Abu. The attractive carvings and the perfect stone laying technique make it one among the most beautiful pilgrimage places in the world. There are 5 Jain temples in the temple complex namely Vimal Vasahi, dedicated to the first Tirthankara, Adinath; Luna Vasahi, dedicated to the 22nd Jain Tirthankara, Neminatha; Pithalhar, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar, Rishabha; Parshvanath, dedicated to the 23rd Jain Tirthankara, Parshva and Mahavir Swami, dedicated to the last Jain Tirthankara, Mahavira.
  2. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary: The wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 288 sq.kms. It is a sub tropical forest is rich with various species of flora and fauna. The rare species found here are sambhar, common langur, wild boar, bear, pangolin, common mongoose, jungle cat, wolf, hyena, jackal, Indian fox, Indian hare, porcupine and hedgehog. There are about 250 species of birds. The most unique one found here is the grey jungle fowl.
  3. Nakki Lake: This ancient sacred lake is a best picnic spot in Mount Abu. It is believed that the lake was dug out by the Gods by simply using their nails to gain shelter from the Demon Bashkali. Tourists can have great relaxing boating trips here. The lake is very famous as Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed here leading to the construction of Gandhi Ghat.
  4. Achalgarh: This fort was originally built by the Paramara Dynasty rulers. But the present fort was constructed by Maharana Kumbha the ruler of the Mewar kingdom. The word “Achalgarh’ means the immovable. The main entrances are characterized by two towers. There is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva known as the Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple. In the temple, you can see a foot impression of Lord Shiva.
  5. Guru Shikar: The highest point in mount Abu is known as Guru Shikar. This also forms the highest point in the Aravalli mountain range. There is a temple of Guru Dattatreya an incarnation of the Hindu Deities ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva’.
  6. Trevor’s Tank: Trevor’s tank is also known as Trevor’s crocodile park. This is a man made crocodile breeding spot located about 5 kms from Mount Abu. The most calm and relaxing place in Mount Abu.

The best time to visit Mount Abu is between February to June and after rainy season from September   to December. The nearest railway station to Mount Abu is Abu Road and the nearest airport to Mount Abu is Udaipur.

There are a number of holiday rental properties in Mount Abu providing safe and comfortable stay for the travelers. We have listed some of the holiday rental properties in Mount Abu in our website Our advanced search option helps you easily find the right holiday accommodations that fit your budget and convenience; travelers can always make direct contact with the property owner from our website before finalizing their reservations. We have also introduced the backpacker traveler friendly dormitories for Group, budget & cheap holiday stays. 

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