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Yadhuvansh Path, Patna

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Patna is the capital city of Bihar. The city was once known as Pataliputra. The city’s ancient monuments and buildings display its visitors the glorious past the city once had.

The main places to visit in Patna are:

Kumrahar: The place is located 5 kms from Patna. The site contains archaeological remains of Mauryan palace. The excavations made here brought to light Mauryan pillared hall and pillars. Today the site is referred to as ‘Eighty Pillared Hall’. You could view ancient ornaments, copper coins, terracotta beads, stone beads, toy carts, utensils, etc here.

Golghar: This architecturally beautiful structure was built by Captain John Garstin in the year 1786. It was built to use as a granary to store grain when famine hit the city. With 125 meters width and 3.6 meters thick, the granary has steps to lead you to the top. Golghar could be opened only from inside and hence if filled to its full capacity.

Agam Kuan: The spot is famous as ‘unfathomable well’.  This is the most ancient and important archaeological site in Patna. The well has a depth of 105 ft and perimeter of over 20 feet. This was constructed by Ashoka to torture people. It is believed that it was here that Emperor Ashoka had his 99 brothers drowned to capture the throne. It is also said that the well has some auspicious powers.

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden: The place is popularly known as Patna Zoo. The Park covers an area of 153 acres of land. The zoo inhabits 110 species of wild animals. Some of the animals found here include tigers, white tigers, hippopotamus, lions, monkeys and many more. This is also a birdwatchers paradise. Some of the museums here include snake museum, bat museum and fish museum. There is Toy train and battery-operated cars that takes you through the important places in the garden. The pond situated at the centre of the garden has boating facilities.

Nalanda University: This is one of the main tourist destinations that attract people from all parts of the world. It was established in 5th century AD and during its prime time, it had scholars and students visiting from various parts of the world including Korea, Turkey, Indonesia, China and Persia. Excavations have brought to light some of the marvelous structures here. You can see here statues of Buddha in various sizes.

Buddha Smriti Park: The Park covers an area of 22 acres. There is a 200 feet tall stupa situated at the centre of the park. Artifacts from Japan, Thailand, Srilanka and South Korea are preserved in the glass case in the stupa. The other attractions in Buddha Smriti Park include museum, meditation centre and a library.

Jalmandir Temple: This is a beautiful white marble built temple located in the centre of a lotus filled tank. The temple can be reached through the 40 feet long bridge connecting the shore and the temple in the tank.

Sun Temple: It is believed that the temple belongs to Treta Yuga.  The temple is built in the Nagar architectural style popular between 6th and 12th centuries. According to the Legend the temple inorder to protect from invaders the temple was turned to west. This is one of the rare temples that stand with its back to rising sun.

The best time to visit Patna is from October to February. Patna is well connected with rail, road and air transport.

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