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    Bundi is a city of Rajasthan.The city has many ancient forts, palaces, and stepwell reservoirs known as baoris. The city lies near a narrow gorge, and is surrounded on three sides by hills of the Aravalli Range. The town of Indragarh in Bundi district and nearby places are famous for the renowned temples of Bijasan Mata and Kamleshwar. The Indargarh step well is considered as one of the most attractive places in the Bundi district, especially during the rainy season.

    The main places to visit in Bundi are:

    The Taragarh Fort: The Fort is also known as Star Fort.  It was constructed in 1354 AD upon the top of steep hillside overlooking the city. The largest of the battlements held here was the Bhim Burj, on which was once mounted a particularly large gun called Garbh Gunjam, or 'Thunder from the Womb'. The fort also offers eye-catching view of the city below. There are three tanks inside the Fort which never dry up.

    The Bundi Palace: The palace is located on the hillside near to the Fort. The Bundi Palace is notable for its great traditional mural collections. The picture gallery of the palace is open to the general public.

    Step wells: The largest of Bundi's stepwells is the detailed carved Raniji ki Baori. This step well is 46 m deep and was built in 1699 by Rani Nathavatji. The steps constructed into the sides of the step-well made water accessible even when it is in a very low level. There are more than 50 stepwells in Bundi, of which only a handful have been maintained. 

    Nawal Sagar: This is a large square-shaped artificial lake in the centre of the city containing many small islands. There is a temple dedicated to Varuna the god of water standing half-submerged in the middle of the lake.

    Dabhai Kund: This is a worth visit place in Bundi for watching the spectacular carvings on the numerous steps leading down to the water level. This is also known as the jail kund

    The other main places to visit in the city include Sukh Mahal, Jait Sagar Lake, Phool Sagar, Kshar Bagh, Chaurasi Khambon ki Chhatri, etc.

    The best time to visit Bundi is from the months of August to March.. The nearest railway station to Bundi is Kota and the nearest airport to Bundi is the Sanganer Airport of Jaipur.

    There are many holiday rental accommodations available in Bundi such as resort, homestays, cottages, serviced apartments and guest houses offering comfortable stay for its travelers. We have listed some of the best budget holiday homes in Bundi in our website. Our advanced search option helps you easily find the right holiday accommodations that fit your budget and convenience; travellers can always make direct contact with the property owner from our website before finalizing their reservations.

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