Vital Travel Information to Know for the Mumbai Travelers

If you are planning to explore the island city of Mumbai along the linear Arabian Sea, there are certainly some traveling facts that you need to know. Talking about its topography, it is crucial shipping and trading hub of the country because of being a profound natural harbor. From the point of view of safety, the commercial city is generally considered safe for tourists. Nevertheless, small crimes like pick pocketing and jewelry snatching are common due to which it is wise to avoid visiting remote areas as well as be vigilant. The major languages spoken here are Hindi, English, and Marathi and that the key religions followed are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. For cash convenience, several ATMs are present across the city and that credit and debit cards are usable almost everywhere. In Mumbai, it is an offence to drink alcohol before 25 and to drive without a valid license. Talking about tipping, 10-15% is acceptable but is not required if you are paying service tax. So, check your bills before you give a tip. Lastly, if hotels are costlier in relation with your budget, holiday homes in Mumbai are your best bet. They are well equipped with several amenities to ensure spacious living amidst hospitable ambiance.

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