Tourism in Wayanad is back after the devastating floods of August 2018

The period from mid-July to Mid-August of 2018 will hardly be ever forgotten in the history of Kerala, with the torrential floods witnessed by countless. Still, this does not break the hope of the tourists who feel God’s own country as their own abode of rejuvenation. This is the reason why many are inquiring as to whether it is safe to travel, the situation is under control or not, or have roads, airports, and attractions opened.

While the beautiful state was completely down since more than 20 days due to frequent landslides and flood, Wayanad was one of the worst hit tourist destinations. However, the good news now is that it is positively getting back to normal.

Planning for a Diwali / Pooja Vacation in Wayanad?

Well, it is the right time to visit, as September to March marks the peak season. However, visiting it during Diwali is also a great idea. Accommodation is not a problem; 95% of holiday rental properties like homestays , Serviced Villas and resorts have started in full swing. Wayanad is totally safe now. Post floods its likely to get good discounts as the current tourism revival initiative is progressing.

Wayanad Tourism: En Route to Its Original Charm and Appeal

At present, several positive signs are evident for the tourism front in Wayanad. Regarded as the most happening tourist destination in the region of Malabar, Wayanad has restored itself back to normality. The record-breaking rains could not block the beauty of this destination for too long.

All sites in the area are opened for exploration since the first week of September, however, excluding a few trekking sites. The Ghat roads are also restored and also the famous Kanthapara Waterfalls and Chembara peak are opened. Thus, access to Wayanad has now started.

According to P. Balakiran who is the Director of Department of Tourism of Kerala, restoration of road links was the first priority, which is now fulfilled and is attracting tourists since August 29.

Even the airports and rail networks are now working well. The restored functioning of the Cochin and Karipur international airports is a promising factor, considering that the latter is the nearest airport to Wayanad.

Seen as a positive uplift, almost 600 tourists including kids took a tour of the Edakkal caves in mid-September once the attraction spot on the Ambukuthi hills was opened. However, the entrance to the first cave is somewhat limited due to a big rock on the way but will be reopened from October this year.

With the onset of revived Kannur airport, the Malabar area is likely to get a boost in the number of tourists. The tourism sector is rapidly leaping considering the fact that the flood-related damage did not affect most resorts, homestays, and tourist spots, as per P. Balakiran. While the local houses were ruined, they are now rebuilt.

Tourism is Safe in Wayanad & Kerala

Wayanad is prominent for its diverse wildlife and natural scenic beauty. This is still proving to be the major factor for attracting tourists since August end. Still, to show the current revived status of Wayanad, the Wayanad District Tourism Promotion Council (WDTP) has decided to set up an inter-state bike rally that is getting popularity as “Wayanad Beckons’.

The rally is likely to have 25 participants coming from different clubs of Wayanadstarting from the famous Pookode Lake to pass the message of Safe Tourism in the state. The team shall distribute leaflets revealing the tourist attractions and their associated details to not only the public but also to tour guides and travel agents.

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