Top 3 Winter Attractions in Coorg

Coorg has several attractions ranging right from coffee plantations to religious sites. However, adventurous activities such as trekking are not ideal to be taken up during winter, as the trails can be very misty. However, there are many other attractions to explore. Obviously, the capital town of Madikere is always worthy of your visit. The main attractions here are the Madikere Fort and Raja’s Seat. The fort is a historic edifice that was repaired by Tipu Sultan but is now the home of government offices, a palace, prison, museum, temple, and chapel. Raja’s Seat, literally meaning the seat of the king, is an arched mandapa in an enchanting garden. From this seat, you can enjoy a great vista of the surrounding landscape along with the sunrise or sunset. Your visit to Coorg is incomplete if you do not explore one or more coffee estates. This is best done by staying in one of the homestays in Coorg, which are situated in and around the coffee and spice plantations. This accommodation is ideal during winter because you have a cool place to stay amidst the lush greens. You will be surely enchanted to visit the Omkareshwar temple in Madikere. Regarded as the sacred home of Lord Shiva, the Hindu temple is worth exploring for its architectural mix of Islamic and Gothic elements.

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