Top 2 Scenic Points worth Visiting while in Munnar

Nestled in the Western Ghats at 6000 ft, Munnar is one of the most naturally consecrated hill stations in South India. Although the picturesque hill station attracts the nature buffs, its extensive tea plantations and scenic points make anyone fall in love with it. While you are here, it is advisable not to miss the two most scenic points that are truly unforgettable for lifetime. At 15 km from Munnar, the Echo Point is worth your visit with a small lake amidst undulating hills. As the name suggests, it is the point where you can hear an echo of what you say. Every loud call you make on the lake bank reverberates from the surrounding hills. At another 15 to 20 km from the above point, the Top Station point at 1,880 meters is truly top for its panoramic view. Your eyes will simply not move for several minutes from the extending vistas of the Western Ghats and the Theni valley, from above the clouds. It is also where the Neelakurunji plant flowers every 12 years to turn the area completely violet. The next blooming year is 2018. For getting the best guidance on traveling, choose to stay in one of the welcoming homestays in Munnar.

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