My pilgrim holiday trip to Ayodhya

Last week I had a holiday trip to Ayodhya with my family. Ayodhya is situated on the bank of the river Saryu. This is an ancient city of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya is a popular pilgrim centre. We stayed at Awadh Hotel, at Faizabad. From the hotel at about a distance of 6kms is Ayodhya. Ayodhya is closely associated with Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The city according to the epic Ramayana was founded by Manu, the law maker of the Hindus.  The ancient name of Ayodhya was Kaushaldesa. [caption id="attachment_1038" align="alignnone" width="300"]ay Ayodhya[/caption] The main places I visited in Ayodhya were: Ramkot: The main pilgrimage site in Ayodhya is Ramkot. Throughout the year, this place is well visited by devotees from all parts of the world especially during Ram Navami, considered as the birth day of Lord Rama. Hanuman Garhi: The Hanuman Garhi is a temple situated at the centre of the town. We had to climb a flight of 76 steps to reach the temple. In the main temple there is a statue of Maa Anjani, with Bal Hanuman seated on her lap. It is believed that all wishes of the devotees will come true by visiting this temple. Kanak Bhawan: We saw here the statues of Lord Rama and Sita wearing gold crowns. Kanak Bhawan is also known as Sone-ke Ghar. Swarg Dwar: We also had a great chance to visit Swarg Dwar. It is believed that Lord Rama was cremated here. Nageshwarnath Temple: This temple is said to have been established by Lord Rama’s son, Kush. Ayodhya is one of the seven holy cities in India. If you are planning for a pilgrim holiday trip to Uttar Pradesh, then Ayodhya is the best place to visit.

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