My Favorite Holidays in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

“How about a Beach Holiday Resort Destination?” This brought a big smile on my face when my husband questioned me in the quest to choose the most distinct and naturally rejuvenating holiday destination for Christmas holidays 2013. He further uttered, “Something exotic and emerald like the Mediterranean but affordable and nearby.” The next moment I uttered “The Andaman and Nicobar” and it took no time for us to plan the trip to this beautiful emerald destination of over 500 islands. holidayrentalsblog 1 I had never been to any beach holiday resort before, as I had to spend most of my time as a teacher in my pre-marriage residing city of Bhopal. I chose this Indian natural extravaganza for three reasons: ‘In budget and nearby, historical and mythological mysteries, and the elegance of the transparent blue waters, mind blowing corals, and several creatures leaving spellbound. “Where else can I find such a fusion of diverse chronicles?” This thought triggered an intense passion for me to search about the top destinations and their historic and cultural background before looking for tour packages online and traveling tips. Just out of curiosity to not miss any worthwhile place, I also took advice from my friends in traveling agencies and did all the bookings online to get, set, and go asap! An Overview holidayrentalsblog 2 Sprinkled in the blues of Bay of Bengal, the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar is an unbelievable cluster of more than 570 small and large emerald islands. Nothing seems to set you up for the matchless beauty greeting you while landing here. These mysterious islands testifying the British atrocities (Kalapani – black waters) contrastingly retain a rejuvenating aura satiating a young thrill in all tourists. Top Attractions Worth Visiting We were on budget but were unwilling to reduce the number of places on our wish list. Therefore, we considered staying in affordable homestays or holiday homes in Andaman, most of which are holiday villas. Here are the top attractions we explored! Neil Island holidayrentalsblog neli Accessible in two hours from a ferry at Port Blair, Neil or the coral capital is a quiet and marvelous island known for its vegetable cultivations, exotic marine life and corals, and snorkeling along with scuba diving at sandy beaches of Bharatpur (full of coral reefs), Lakshmanpur, and Sitapur. Camping is also common at these beaches. Havelock Island holidayrentalsblog haveloch Accessible in 2.5 km from Port Blair, Havelock is the most popular for its best Asian beaches left unspoiled for diving and snorkeling thrills. While it is attractive for its white coast, coral reefs, and spell bounding turquoise waters, the most thrilling beaches are Vijaynagar, Elephant, and Radhanagar. Nestled on the western coast, Radhanagar beach (No. 7) is tagged by the TIME magazine as the Asia’s best beach in 2004. It is known for its sparkling waters devoid of any wave action, scuba diving, boating, snorkeling, elephant rides, and sunset views. This beach is truly breathtaking, as the water continues to change its color from light blue to greenish blue as per the sunrays’ direction. Going further north on foot takes one to the Elephant beach admired for its best corals, elephant training, and excellent snorkeling even after being hit by Tsunami in 2004. Tagged as beach 5, the Vijaynagar beach is accessible from the market on the island’s eastern side. It is the home of Wild Orchid, a big stretch of white sands splitting the aqua blue sea and tropical jungle. This is the best place for wandering for miles in peace amidst the relaxing, calm waters. We stayed here in a beach holiday resort for one night. Long Island holidayrentalsblog long Accessible within 2.5 hours from Port Blair or in less time via island hopping from Havelock or Neil, this island is the home to lively community and Robinson Crusoe like camping. The most exciting activity here is to stroll to the Lalaji bay beach via jungle for almost 1-2 hours. The beach is clean and pristine but one needs to have own gear and food. Baratang Island holidayrentalsblog baratang Accessible within 3 hours from Port Blair through ferry, the island is known for its Mud Volcano, limestone caves, and sunset view at the Parrot Island at sunset when all parrots return home make up for a mind-blowing experience. All of them are accessible through boats only. Rangat, Mayabunder, and Diglipur From Baratang jetty, you can consider excursions to these two places in Andaman. Rangat is famous for its Panchavati waterfall and Cutbert Bay Beach as a turtle nesting area (December to February). Mayabunder reflects cultural eccentricity because of the East Pakistani and Burmese settlements. It features mangrove ecosystem, beaches at Avis Island, and Karmatang as a turtle nesting ground. Diglipur is the farthest and largest town in northern Andaman. Here, you can explore the Craggy Island across Kalipur beach, Ross and Smith islands for swimming and snorkeling, and Saddle Peak National Park for trekking to enjoy an aerial view. Barren Island holidayrentalsblog barren This one is the home to the only active Indian volcano. This island has a big crater, at about half kilometer away from the coast. The visit here needs the permission of Forest Department. Cinque Island holidayrentalsblog cinque This is one of the best diving destinations with clear water visibility up to 80 feet. You can enjoy marine life and black corals only during day, as night stay is prohibited here. It is a protected area of Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park (Wandoor Marine National Park). Little Andaman holidayrentalsblog little Accessible in nine hours from Port Blair, this one is a tribal town of Onges and Nicobarese tribes but contact with them is prohibited here, as it is declared as a reserve. Attractions here are trekking in rain forest, elephant safari to White Surf waterfall, red oil palm plantations tour, and boating at creek near Butler Bay Beach (famous for water sports to explore rare marine life) for bird watching. Nicobar Island holidayrentalsblog nicoba Tagged by UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, Nicobar is an archipelagic chain whose visit needs special permission from the Government. Here, the Great Nicobar island is a biosphere reserve and is famous for its Indira Point, the southernmost tip of India and a beach near Galathia, as the nesting ground for big Leather Back Turtles. Famous and rare species to see here Megapode bird, giant robber crab, Nicobarese pigeons, and Monkeys with long tail all seen in the national park at the largest Nicobar Island called Campbell Bay. The archipelago has the perfect essentials for an exotic retreat: Underwater secrets, adventurous aquatic sports, peaceful surroundings, and cultural burlesque! Best Time to Visit Nov - Mar

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