Kodaikanal: The Green Paradise of South India

A hill station is the choice of those tourists who love to enjoy serene, naturally plush, and scenic holiday destination. Luckily, south India has many such places but they do not seem to beat Kodaikanal, the most scenic hill station in the region. Located amidst the lush green and serene creases of the Pallani Hills, nature has bestowed its unique richness to this place spanning across the most charming area in the Western Ghats. At 7,200 feet, the salubrious atmosphere amidst the mountains is bound to instill a new verve in anyone who comes here for experiencing a stress-free life. The appeal of this hill station surpasses that of any other in the country, as behind that appeal, a myriad of mysteries need to be explored adventurously. While some explore them amidst the wooded slopes and huge trees, many are found at points and waterfalls through a hiking or biking adventure. As a tip, stay in one of the holiday homes in Kodaikanal to make your trip memorable without any extra cost!

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