Kasol: Adventurous Mini Israel for the Backpackers in the Himalayas

With surprising Israelis and the wild but stunning Parvati River, Kasol in Himachal Pradesh stands out from the rest of the hill stations in India. The 2-hour bumpy drive from the Bhuntur airport discloses the charms to behold in the form of Himalayan ranges under snow and the scenic ascent. Nestled at 5,380 feet, this small but alluring Himachali hamlet is occupied by the descendent of former inhabitants who migrated from Ladakh. Since a few years, the Israeli crowd is being seen in abundance, thus, making the area a hippie town. After a three-year long training for army, the Israelis unhesitatingly enjoy in this haven full of natural wonders. This makes the Parvati Valley full of foreigners rather than the locals, especially the backpacker kind! kasol Parvati: The Most Valuable Asset of Kasol Parvati is the name of both river and the valley. While the first look of the valley begins from Bhuntur, the wild running river makes up for a complete picture of the multi-ethnic hill station. The river is certainly the most superlative partner of the valley, with its naughty gusto and beautiful flow. The best part is that the valley and river sets you free to be in the lap of the Mother Nature. The Parvati valley has a sprawling topography with hamlets and dense forests in wild corners. However, one can find all amenities such as lodging, fruit shops, handicraft stalls, chemists, and tempting German bakeries. Attractions and Activities Kasol is just perfect for trekkers and backpackers due to its picturesque valley, pleasant climate, and intact mountains during the year. Of all, trekking is the most enjoyed activity, on medium to hard treks. Regardless of which you choose; you are bound to feel rejoiced and refreshed. Some of the famous treks include 30-minute trek to the close by hamlet of Chalaal or a medium trek of an including a drive to Bershaini town followed by a 1.5-hours of walk to Pulga village. You can then continue trekking up to the Tosh hamlet. Chalal is in woodlands accessible by a bridge over the river. Consider a moonlight walk along the trail with the river on one side and Great Himalayas on the other. On the way to Chalaal, do get refreshed in the Oh Maria café with its good snacks. However, the trek from Kasol to Kheer Ganga is most difficult because of steep ascent that takes four hours to reach. Kheer Ganga is a sulphur spring atop a mountain where a few cafes with small rooms with Israelis are present. Another famous but holy and healing hot spring is at Manikaran near Kasol, which is accessible by stroll. It is believed that dipping in the healing water of this spring can even cleanse the mind from evil thoughts. It is a pilgrimage centre for both Sikhs and Hindus. For an adrenaline experience, consider rafting in River Parvati from Kasol or from Pirdi nearby offering a 14 km exciting expedition covered in 60 minutes. Best Time to Visit Between March and July  

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