Holiday Getaway at Yercaud, the jewel of South

For a week in the summer season of last year, I went to Yercaud in Tamil Nadu with my family. The first night that we reached Yercaud went by quickly. We stayed at Aashrith guest house. The next day itself we went to explore the small town. The little quaint town of Yercaud is renowned for the fascinating climatic conditions and stunning natural vistas. Bounded by the rocky hills of the Eastern ghats and the enchanting sceneries of lakes the small hill station presents a welcome divergence with its cool climate. [caption id="attachment_1083" align="alignnone" width="300"]ye Yercaud Lake[/caption] The main attractions of Yercaud include Yercaud Lake, The Anna Park, Lady's Seat, Pagoda Point, the Servaroyan Temple, and Killiyur Falls. As our visit was on May, we could see the tribal festival in the Servaroyan hill. The tribal festival here is conducted in May every year. There isn’t much shopping in Yercaud but we had great shopping at nearby Salem market famous for textiles and bright handloom fabrics. We could also pick up fresh spices from the shops there. With best budget holiday homes in Tamil Nadu, the town has become a true delight for families and couples. The best season to visit Yercaud is from May to October.

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