Delicious sweets in the city of music & sweets, Kolkata

I had a good chance to explore the rich culture and cuisine of the city of music & sweets, Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. The cuisine here in Kolkata includes mostly of Bengali dishes, especially delicious sweets. I love food and my visit to Kolkata was very satisfying. There are many shopkeepers in Kolkata serving every Bengali dishes from snacks to full rice meals. [caption id="attachment_944" align="alignnone" width="300"]pic Delicious Sweets of Kolkata[/caption] Here are some of the sweet dishes that I liked most. Rasgulla is a delicious syrup dish made from Chhena along with semolina. The soft spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in sugar syrup is a must taste sweet dish of Kolkata. You should try chilled Rasgulla. The chilled balls have the best taste. Sandesh is another Bengali sweet dish made from milk and sugar. The other sweet dish I liked most in Kolkata is Misti Doi. This is specially prepared and fermented yoghurt. Misti Doi is made from sugar and milk along with a lot of dry fruits, saffron and some additional ingredients for flavours. The sweetmeat of Bengal, Langcha is other one. Langcha is made from cottage cheese, khoya and several different flours of various grains. I didn’t know the exact method of Langcha making. According to my knowledge, these are fried and the oval shaped balls are dipped in sugar syrup. Cham-Cham is another typical Bengali sweet dish that I liked a lot. The other favorite dish of mine which I enjoyed in Kolkata is Kulfi. You all know about Kulfi, as it is served in most of the places of India. I had really a great time enjoying the tastes of Kolkata. I would say Kolkata is really a paradise for food lovers and tourists.

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