A weekend holiday trip to Coonoor

My this year’s holiday getaway was to a hill station. A cousin of mine suggested to visit Coonoor. Coonoor is a beautiful hill station near Ooty, in Tamil Nadu surrounded by tea plantations. [caption id="attachment_1095" align="alignnone" width="300"]tea-gardens-coonoor Tea Gardens Coonoor[/caption] It was almost middle of February when we all cousins left for Coonoor. We enjoyed the whole journey from Coimbatore to Coonoor. We reached Coonoor mid night. The weather was stormy and dusty. A sooty darkness dominated everywhere. We accommodated at Bella Vista guest house there. After having rested there for a while, we came out to have a view of Coorg. The dazzling flowers of attractive colours were dancing in cool breeze and looking very marvelous. Next day, we went to Sim's Park and enjoyed ourselves with its scenic beauty. There we could see a number of tree specimens planted all over the area. After having food at Park view restaurant, we went to watch Laws Falls.  The Laws falls is just 7 kms from Coonoor. Its height is about 180 feet and is surely a nature lovers paradise. The silvery water there was clear and cool. The other day, we went to Dolphins Nose, situated at a distance of 10 kms. We started from the guest house early in the morning. On the way to Dolphin’s Nose were the Lamb's Rock and the Lady Caninng's Seat. We got a great view of Coimbatore plains from Lamb's Rock and scenic view of the tea estates from the Lady Caninng's Seat situated at about 9 kms from the town. The next day’s tourist spot to visit was decided by us late night. It was the Droog, a picnic spot used by the Tippu Sultan as an outpost. The place was located 15 kms from Coonoor. We have to trek 3kms to reach the spot. The other places we visited included the Silk Rearing Station maintained by the Central Silk Board, Pomological Station, one of the three experimental fruit gardens in the Nilgris and the Pasteur institute. We did a lot of shopping from Coonoor market. The beauty of Coonoor has really left a lasting impression on my mind.

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