A holiday trip to the historic city of Jhansi

It was my first visit to Jhansi. Previously I have only heard about Jhansi in my school days particularly in history classes. Jhansi is a district of Uttar Pradesh. You all know that, even though many Kings ruled the city, Jhansi’s fame reached its max out during the reign of Rani Lakshmi Bhai. [caption id="attachment_1052" align="alignnone" width="300"]ranim Rani Mahal[/caption] Jhansi is very well connected by railway network so to reach there is not a problem. I along with my friends stayed in Apna Guest House. We just enquired the guest house personnel about the tourist spots to visit at Jhansi and by the same day of the arrival itself started exploring Jhansi. The first sight we visited was the Rani Mahal. We were very much excited to watch the Mahal where the heroine of the First War of Indian Independence (1857), Rani Lakshmibai lived. Now the Mahal is converted into a Museum and we saw a very good collection of archaeological remains of the period between 9th and 12th centuries AD there. Our second destination was the Jhansi fort. The fort was constructed by Raja Bir Singh during the 17th century to protect Jhansi from enemies. Now in that fort there is a museum and from there we could very well understand the history of Bundelkhand. Jhansi is the gateway to Bundelkhand. Another must visit place in Jhansi is the Government Museum. You can find there the Weapons, statues, dresses and photographs of the Chandela dynasty and a picture gallery of the Gupta period. The other places to visit at Jhansi include Laxmi Tal, Shri Kali Temple, Laxmi Bai Park, Laxmi Temple, Gangadhar Rao-Ki-Chhatri, Narayan Bagh, Jari Ka Math, Barua Sagar & Fort, Garhmau Lake, Karguan Jain Temple, and St. Jude Church. It cannot be expressed in words how much proud I felt in visiting such a place where our Country’s martyrs had once lived.  If you are planning for a holiday at Jhansi then arrange it on February or March as that will be the time of Jhansi Festival and you can very well enjoy the art, crafts and culture of the historic city.  

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