A holiday trip to explore the traditional city of Nashik

I had gone to Nashik last year with my family. Nashik is a city of Maharashtra. We stayed at Teerth villa as booked in advance. My visit to Nashik was just like a dream. I had never thought of visiting Nashik till that day. The city is still maintaining its traditional charm as that of ancient periods. Here we could see old markets. Even the business here still runs in the traditional way. The city had a calm environment. The people here were very friendly and they treat as if we were their guests. [caption id="attachment_1178" align="alignnone" width="300"]nashik Nashik[/caption] We could also see the city progressing towards some sort of modernization. There were beautiful old villas at regular intervals. The villas here are big with spacious living room and beautiful courtyard. The best thing that I liked most in Nashik is that we got a chance to live near the farms. The beauty of fresh vegetables and the fresh air there was really mind refreshing. Our first place to visit there was Mukti Dham. Mukti Dam is a temple complex honouring many Hindu Gods. We next visited Pandavleni Caves. There we could see about 24 caves, each of which had been carved out of stone from the period starting from 3rd Century BC to 2nd Century AD. All the other caves except eighteenth were Viharas. The next day we went to Bhakti Dham. This was located about 60 kms from Nashik town. Bhakti Dham is one of the 51 Shakti Peetas present in India. The day was tiresome as we had to travel about 60 Kms to and fro. The other day we went to Dhammagiri. This is one of the favorites of my parents. The place is a renowned meditation centre in Nashik. We also had a visit to Veer Savarkar Smarak and Artillery Centre. The main holy spots we visited in Nashik include Sita Gumpha, and Ram Kunda. We were served with very delicious homely food in the holiday villa we stayed.  The freshness that we felt in the atmosphere of Nashik is something that cannot be expressed in words you need to experience it.

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